Rathnagiri Chemicals
New Developments
New Products & Application Research
Ratnagiri chemicals Pvt. Ltd. regards its R&D efforts as essential to its success. They give us the ability to generate a timely response to increasingly competitive and changing global market. RCPL's R&D has two primary focuses, which we consider essential for our future growth.
Process Technology
New Product Development & Application Research

New Products & Application Research demonstrates RCPL's commitment to the antioxidants and speciality chemicals industry. In today's high technology world, products tend to become commodities very quickly. A sustainable future for the company requires a continued effort to develop new products. The New Products Development Group collaborates with customers to focus on real customer needs and shorten time-to-market.

Understanding the challenges our customers face is key to our business. Application Research provides and improves products that can contribute effectively to the technical and commercial success of our customers. We constantly evaluate and compare recently developed and traditional products for the best customer results.
  • Para Cresol alkylation products ( rubber antioxidants) are the new area of development and focus for the company.
  • Green and environment friendly technology is under development for methylation.