Rathnagiri Chemicals

Chemical Name : RCPL- ANTOX - L
Synonyms : Butylated reaction product of p-cresol and DPD[dicyclopentadiene]
CAS No.  : 68610-51-5

Structural Formula











Specifications :

Appearance : Free flowing off white powder or tan flakes
Melting Point : 115 °c
Bulk density : Flake – 34.5 [lb/ft3]  Powder – 27.3 
Specific gravity        : 1.1
Ash % : 0.10 max
Ave. Molecular weight : 650


Applications :

RCPL ANTOX- L is a highly effective polyphenolic additive with high activity and very low volatility. RCPL ANTOX- L is non-discoloring and non-pinking.

RCPL ANTOX- L is especially recommended for the protection of natural and synthetic polymers based on isoprene and butadiene chemistry.

RCPL ANTOX- L is ideally suited for the protection of light-colored, non-staining goods derived from natural rubber and latex. SBR and carboxylated SBR lattices, ABS, NBR, BR, SBS and SIS in applications where the retention of appearance and elastic properties during storage and use are important requirements.

RCPL ANTOX-  L  applications include in-process stabilIzation of polymers as well as use in manufactured goods such as elastic thread, carpet backing, foam rubber mattresses, household and surgical gloves, medical products baby bottle, nipples bath mats, hot water bottles, automotive components, household appliances (gaskets, liners. Parts, housing, etc), electronic appliance housings, and paper coatings.

Packing :

In 25 Kgs. Papers bags.

  • Para Cresol alkylation products ( rubber antioxidants) are the new area of development and focus for the company.
  • Green and environment friendly technology is under development for methylation.