Rathnagiri Chemicals

: Para Tertiary Butyl Phenol
Molecular Weight: : 150.2
Molecular Formula: : C10H14O
CAS No : 98-54-4
HS Code : 29093019

Specifications :

: 99.00% min.
Appearance : White Flakes
Color (APHA) molten : 100 max.
Boiling Point : 237 0C
Flash Point : 1180C
Density : 0.909 g/cc at 120 0C
Freeze Point : 97.5 0C


PTBP is mainly used in manufacture of PTBP formaldehyde resins & Ethylene oxide condensates.

PTBP formaldehyde resins are used in manufacture of oil soluble phenolic and modified phenolic resins for surface coating applications. Also, has a wide application in rubber and tyre industry. .

PTBP when ethoxylated with Ethylene oxide forms compounds used as demulsifiers.

Upon hydrogenation it is used in the manufacture of perfumes and odorants.

Used as an intermediate in the manufacturing, polymerization modifier, UV stabilizer, corrosion inhibitors and in insecticides.


Bags: 25 Kg net wt.

Super sacks: 500 kg or 1000 kg Jumbo bags.

Bulk: ISO tanks as per customers requirement.

  • Para Cresol alkylation products ( rubber antioxidants) are the new area of development and focus for the company.
  • Green and environment friendly technology is under development for methylation.