Rathnagiri Chemicals
RCPL-PPD-101[Pour Point Drepressant]

Product Description : 

RCPL-PPD-101 is a blend of organic polymeric esters / polymetharcrylates in xylene as a petroleum solvent.

General Application :

RCPL-PPD-101 improves the fluidity of waxy crude oils, so that they can be pipelined below their natural pour points. In crude oil a high pour point is generally associated with a high paraffin content.  This is effective at paraffin concentration of even upto 25% and does not effect chemical composition of oil and its quality. The dosage rate depends on parameters like paraffin concentration in oil , current pour point , desired pour point and viscosity etc.

Physical Data:

a]       Physical appearance : Free flowing viscous liquid at 40°C
b]       Specific Gravity : 0.85 – 0.90 at 35°C
c]       Pour Point : < 40° C
d]       Performance Tests : The PPD sample is tested for its performance on specific crude oil samples and the following parameters are measured.
       i]      Pour Point [blank] : ° C
       ii]     Viscosity : CPS @ 35° C
       iii]    Doping Temperature : 60 ± 5 ° C[indicative]
       iv]    Curing Temperature : 60 ± 5 ° C[Indicative]
       v]     Curing Time : 30 minutes
       vi]    Dosage of PPD
             [according to severity of waxy crude]

100 – 1000 ppm

       vii]   Determination of pour point with PPD : As per IP-441 / ASTM D – 5853 


IP-15/ASTM D-97
       viii]  Viscosity [Treated sample
             By plate and cone rheometer]
        ix]    Pour point drop of treated sample :  
        x]    % viscosity reduction of treated sample :  


The product can be used by injecting into the crude oil with a metering pump or can be diluted [Diesel Oil] and injected into oil pipe. For best performance in the crude oil , it is recommended to add PPD in the crude oil at a temperature  20° C higher than its normal pour point, when the paraffin hasn’t been precipitated.


180 Kgs [net] MS drums or as per customer’s specific requirements.


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