Rathnagiri Chemicals

Chemical Name : RCPL - ANTOX 22M46
Synonyms : 2,2’-Methylenebis (6-t-butyl-4methylphenol)
CAS No.  : 119-47-1
Mol. Wt. : 341.00

Structural Formula

Specifications :

Appearance : White powder
Melting Point : 127-129 °c
Bulk density kg/m3 : 308
Specific gravity @200 C,g/ml : 1.04
Flash Point   : >190 °c

Applications :

RCPL 22M46 is an excellent, non-discolouring, non-staining sterically hindered bis-phenol stabilizer. RCPL 22M46 is one of the most widely used antioxidants for white, light colored and transparent vulcanates that are based on natural or synthetic rubbers. In light colored vulcanates, RCPL 22M46 retards the crazing effect caused by exposure to light. RCPL 22M46 does not influence processing and vulcanizing properties. It exhibits low volatility and migration which makes it suitable for use in POM and ABS.

Packing :

In 20 Kgs.Paper bags with HM / HDPE - liner.

  • Para Cresol alkylation products ( rubber antioxidants) are the new area of development and focus for the company.
  • Green and environment friendly technology is under development for methylation.