Rathnagiri Chemicals

Low sulfur diesel fuels have become environmental necessity. The reduction in the sulfur content of diesel fuels has resulted in lubricity problems.

It has become generally accepted that the reduction of sulfur is also accompanied by a reduction in polar oxygenated compounds and polycyclic aromatics including nitrogen containing compounds which are responsible for the reduced boundary lubricating ability of severely refined  low sulfur fuels.

Low sulfur diesel fuels  have been found to increase the sliding adhesive wear and fretting wear of pump components such as rovers, cam plate, coupling lever joints and shafts drive journal bearings.

Thus, it would be desirable to increase the lubricity of diesel fuels by incorporating lubricity additives.

The product is designed and formulated for blending with low sulfur diesel fuels to improve lubricity and to preserve abnormal wear in the engine fuel pumps.

Composition :
The product is a blend of organic esters and acids with anti-corrosion and detergent/dispersant additives.

Physical properties :

Property   Test Method
Appearance Clear Dark Amber liquid Visual

Density at 20°C

0.87 – 0.93 ASTM D-1298
Kinetic viscosity @40°C cst 12-21 ASTM D-445
Flash Point (COC) 120°C min ASTM D-92

Application :
RCPL-HSD-LI is very effective for all Indian Diesel fuels as  per IS 1460:1995
The recommended dosage rate is 30 -40 ppm w/w, depending on the severity of diesel fuel, for passing the lubricity requirement as per BOCLE (Average WSD, friction co-efficient & contact potential) evaluation method.

The product is supplied in 180 Kg net MS Barrels.

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